How I Chased Out ISIS From Kogi State – Yahaya Bello

Yahaya Bello

By John Dads

Kogi state governor, Yahaya Bello on Thursday revealed how he chased out members of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) who were training Boko Haram members from the state.

The governor who spoke on Channels Television on the issue of insecurity in the country, said the ISIS members who came with sophisticated equipment settled down in his senatorial district and were using the place to recruit and train Boko Haram members.

He however said he was able to flush them with the combined efforts of the police, military and the DSS.

“In Kogi state, every citizen is a police; every citizen secures their enclaves. Security is the business of everybody. If you allow criminals to settle in your  community, before you call on law enforcement agencies, a lot of harm would have been done”. 

“We educate every citizen in Kogi state that they must secure their environment and to make sure they report any strange faces and any acts of criminality immediately to law enforcement agencies.  Whenever the situation goes beyond them, I zero in immediately and make sure we deal with it”.

“There are hardened criminals that have been existing in Kogi state before and some politicians will harbour them. I made sure that I liquidate them as quickly as possible and that ended the game of criminality in Kogi state once and for all”.

“If anybody is coming to settle with us with good intention, we welcome you wholeheartedly. There are several millions of Nigerians that have relocated to Kogi state and we are cohabiting very well. We expunge the criminals among them without labeling where they come from or the religion or ethnicity they belong to”.

‘In Kogi state as hot as it was then when I came in, we had ISIS. In fact , in my own senatorial district. They came, they live there and were training Boko Haram.  They came with equipment but with the help of the police, the military and the DSS. We did not spare anybody. We rout them out immediately and Kogi Central and the entire Kogi state is very peaceful today’. 

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