CAC Raises The Alarm On Insecurity Across The Globe

Pastor Dr. Henry Ojo
Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide has bemoaned the increasing cases of terrorist activities in Nigeria in particular and the rest of the world in general stating that the world leaders must rise to the occasion in the interest of all. Pastor Dr. Henry Ojo, the President, CAC Worldwide raised the concern about the precarious situation the world over during the 25th anniversary of the CAC Arogungbogunmi International, Olunde, Ibadan, on Sunday. According to hi, who said, “If you say that attacks by bandits in Nigeria are targeted at Christians alone, I will not agree. Anyone staying in the north would understand what the northeners, Christians and Muslims are facing. Well the issue of terrorism and insecurity is a global phenomenon. It is not only in Nigeria alone. The rest of the world is facing it. It is the sign of end time. “We knew the situation of things before the current administration came on board. The terrorists entered Abuja and were bombing public utilities. We are not saying they have done well now; we want the Federal Government to do more so that citizens can sleep with two eyes closed. Nigeria had never been like this before. President Muhammadu Buhari needs to put more efforts. I believe that we shall overcome the challenges.”

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