Yoruba Nation Agitators Say Igboho Won’t Be Extradited To Nigeria

Sunday Igboho

Yoruba nation agita­tors on Thursday ex­pressed confidence that Sunday Adeye­mo, popularly known as Sun­day Igboho, will not be extra­dited to Nigeria at the end of his trial in Benin Republic.

Igboho was declared want­ed by the Department of State Services (DSS) earlier in July after his Ibadan house in Oyo State was raided on July 1, 2021, by the operatives of the secret police.

He was then arrested at Cardinal Bernardin Interna­tional Airport, Cotonou, Re­public of Benin, with his wife on their way to Germany on Monday night.

Many of his supporters had stormed the Cour De’ap­pal De Cotonou, where he was arraigned on Thursday for immigration-related offences.

Olayomi Koiki, his media aide, said lawyers are fighting hard to defend his principal in court.

Speaking during a live ses­sion on his Facebook page, Koiki said Igboho’s defence counsel are putting up a good fight at the hearing.

He said: “We thank those who have joined us from all over the world to know what is happening in Cotonou. The case is still ongoing, that is what we can say for now. Our legal representatives are working so we should enter­tain no fear.

“Benin Republic respects its laws and we have to appre­ciate that instead of listening to distractions. We all know that Igboho is not a criminal or terrorist.

“Let us therefore allow the lawyers to do their work. We all want to know the out­come of the case but let us be patient for now. Maybe, there will be more update today or tomorrow. Whatever happens will be in our favour.”

Dr. Yunusa Tanko, a for­mer presidential candidate on Thursday said Yoruba nation activist, Sunday Adeyemo, and other agitators wouldn’t have risen up in defence of their people if the govern­ment had done the right thing in securing lives and property.

He said, “In Yorubaland, there is a saying that if the wall is not cracked, a lizard cannot get into it’. I am not using this adage to insult Ig­boho but what I am saying is that if all the tiers of govern­ment had done the right thing, agitators like Sunday Igboho or any other self-help seeking individuals wouldn’t have raised their heads up. So, I do not blame the agitators entire­ly, I squarely put the blame on the governors and the Federal Government”.

Tanko, however, said Ig­boho shouldn’t have fled Ni­geria to Benin Republic over attempt by the security agents to arrest him.

Tanko, who is the nation­al chairman of the National Conscience Party (NCP), said like the late Chief Gani Fawe­hinmi (SAN), true activists stay and fight their battles es­pecially when their agitation has to do with the welfare of the common man.

The Head of Public Affairs Bureau, National Consulta­tive Front (NCFront), how­ever, said he laid the blame for sectional agitations in the country on various tiers of government which have failed to do the right things and address the myriads of problems confronting the Ni­gerian people.

According to him, if the government had carried out its responsibilities effectively, activists like Sunday Igboho will not emerge.

“If you are leading a bat­tle, you should be able to face the consequence. Majority of people who have led seces­sion agenda either fell by the way or they face treasonable felony accusation by the gov­ernment, who of course will not just watch while the sov­ereignty of the country is at jeopardy.

“If you are an activist who is fighting for the interest of the people, then you don’t run anywhere when the govern­ment comes after you. Stay within the confines of the country and fight your way through even when you are being arrested. That is the way we are trained.

“That was the way Gani Fawehinmi led us. Gani didn’t run anywhere. He faced his battles squarely despite sev­eral arrests and attacks by the military government. In fact, he taught some of us who are his foot soldiers that anywhere we are going, we should go with our bags of drugs, toothpaste, brush and other essentials because we can be arrested at any time.

“If you are defending and fighting for the rights of the people, you don’t need to run to anywhere. You stand by your words and face the bat­tle”, he said.

Beninese Court Releases Wife, Igboho’s Trial Continues Today

Meanwhile, the Cour De’appal De Cotonou, Benin Republic, where Sunday Ig­boho and his wife, were ar­raigned on Thursday, has or­dered the wife to be released.

It was learnt from sources that the court ruled that Ig­boho should be returned to custody.

“They just finished from court. The wife is to be re­leased this night and Sunday is to remain in custody. The matter was adjourned till Friday,” the source said.

Ooni Rallies South- West Leaders, Raises Committee

In a similar development, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Eni­ta Ogunwusi, has set up a 28-member committee of South-West leaders to look into the arrest of Sunday Ig­boho in Benin Republic.

Akin Osuntokun, the com­mittee coordinator, said the committee would look into the issues surrounding the arrest of Igboho and related matters.

Osuntokun said, “The Ooni of Ife inaugurated an advisory council comprising eminent Yoruba sons and daughters across the political spectrum. It is called the Ooni Caucus.

“The inauguration cere­mony had been scheduled over a month ago and it is just an accident that it coincided with reports of Sunday Igbo­ho’s arrest in Cotonou.

“Nonetheless, the council is actively interested in the new development and would appropriately respond in the nearest future.”

Some of the people on the committee are Oba Olusola Alao, the Olugbon of Igbon; Senator Biodun Olujimi; To­yin Saraki; Segun Awolowo; Doyin Okupe; Gbenga Daniel, and Muyiwa Ige.

It could be recalled that Ig­boho was arrested at Cardi­nal Bernardin International Airport with his wife on their way to Germany on Monday night by Brigade Criminelle in Cotonou and since being detained.

He had been declared wanted by the Department of State Services (DSS) ear­lier in July after his Ibadan house was raided on July 1, 2021 by the operatives of the secret police.

Two people were killed by the DSS in the late night raid while 12 other persons were arrested and later paraded in Abuja. They have since been charged to court.

Igboho’s extradition hear­ing failed to take place at a court in Cotonou on Thurs­day because the Benin Repub­lic government did not pres­ent him in court for unknown reasons.

We Will Resist Fulani Domination Under Any Pretense, Says Afenifere

Again, Chief Ayo Adeban­jo, acting national leader of the pan-Yoruba socio-cultur­al organisation, Afenifere, has said that the Yoruba nation will resist Fulani domina­tion of their land under any pretense.

Adebanjo said that the invasion of Sunday Adeye­mo’s house, popularly called Sunday Igboho, was undemo­cratic, stressing that he didn’t know the offence that Igboho had committed for which he is being haunted by the Federal Government.

Adebanjo on Arise Televi­sion on Thursday said, “Pres­ident Muhammadu Buhari is chasing Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu around but he is nego­tiating with robbers, armed bandits who are troubling the country, making securi­ty unstable. People cannot celebrate Sallah because of insecurity; prices of things are going high because of insecurity. His Department of State Services (DSS) and other security agencies can­not get to where the bandits are but when it comes to op­position asking legitimately for secession, they are very active. It is very shameful.”

When asked why he said that the arrest of Sunday Ig­boho was a declaration of war in Yoruba land, the Afenifere leader said, “The DSS is be­having like a department under a dictatorship. What is his offence? He has been holding meetings in Akure, in Osogbo and other places, without causing any problem. What he did, is it different to what the Scottish Nationalist Party, a party that wanted separation from Britain, hav­ing been together since 1707, in fact since 1603, did in the United Kingdom, and now the party says they want to separate, but Boris Johnson has not arrested the leader of the party.

“He has not accused them of treasonable felony or anything of the sort. In a democratic society, the worst that they can do is to go for a referendum, which they lost narrowly by 55 to 45. They are still agitating to have another referendum and they are in the same parliament with Bo­ris Johnson. What criminal offence has Sunday Ighoho committed except that we are in a country under President Buhari’s dictatorial govern­ment?”

Faulting the National As­sembly, Adebanjo said, “Look at the kind of bills they are passing in the parliament in a democracy and they are talking with pride about their actions. They are only disgracing this country by that action because all demo­cratic societies are aware that this kind of thing is not done in a democratic setting. The constitution that we have is a fraudulent constitution and I gave my reason and it has not been refuted. Everything causing disharmony today in the country is under the imposed constitution by the military in 1966. There is dis­crimination, oppression and there is lack of unity because power is concentrated in the centre. We say send us back to the constitution we had at Independence.”

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