Benin Republic Slams Fresh Charges On Sunday Igboho

Sunday Igboho

Benin Republic is said to have slammed fresh charges on Sunday Igboho, the Yoruba nation agitator.

Igboho was arrested in the country last week Mon­day along with his wife, Ropo, as they attempted to board a flight to Germany.

This was disclosed by Ibra­him Salami, one of the Coto­nou, Benin Republic-based lawyers of Sunday Igboho.

He said the new charges were made against Igboho after the 13-hour hearing of the case against his client on Monday.

That hearing ended with an order for Igboho to be held further in police custody, while the investigation on him would continue.

Although his lawyers were hopeful he would be set free at the end of Monday’s hearing, he was rather slammed with new charges, Salami said.

According to Salami, the new allegations against Ig­boho include trafficking in arms, inciting violence that could result in social distur­bance, and causing disunity in Nigeria.

“First, the judge ruled that Sunday Igboho entered into the Benin Republic through an illegal means. They also want to investigate how Sunday Ig­boho conspired with others to enter Benin Republic through wrong means.

“They also want to know how long he has been in Be­nin Republic and his plans in the country. They also raised a charge on whether he wants to come and cause unrest or so­cial disturbance in Benin Re­public,” the lawyer said in an interview with BBC Yoruba.

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