My 10-Point Agenda Will Address All Anambra’s Challenges – Okonkwo

Dr. Obiora Okonkwo

Dr. Obiora Okonkwo, gov­ernorship candidate of the Zenith Labour Party (ZLP) in the November 6 governor­ship election in Anambra state has said that the state has not fared well since the return of democratic govern­ment to the country in 1999 owing to failure of successive governments in the state.

Speaking while address­ing newsmen in Lagos, Okonkwo, chairman of United Nigeria Airline said only meritocracy will lift the state to greater heights and that is what he wants to offer if elected the next governor of the state.

According to him, his 10-point agenda which cuts across all sectors, such as job creation, education, health­care, social welfare and ur­ban renewal, has been care­fully designed to deal with all the problems of the state.

“Since the advent of this Fourth Republic in 1999, Anambra has not fared well. I can tell you that Ebonyi and Enugu have progressed more than Anambra. We are strong individually but as a state, we have not benefitted anything from this democ­racy because of the people who have governed. We have looked at all these problems and we understood them and we have developed a 10-point agenda to deal with all aspects of problems in Anambra State”.

“Obviously, it is not a rhet­oric. There is nothing in that 10-point agenda that I am not doing as an individual. If you talk about human capi­tal development, I am there; if you talk about value reori­entation, I am there”.

“The biggest problem that we have in Anambra State is that we have abandoned our virtues. You need huge infrastructure development in Anambra State and this must come from huge bulk funds. Those bulk funds we have access to. We can access up to $10 billion into Anam­bra and the entire South East will benefit economical­ly. If the funds are prudently used, the multiplier effects will show in four years”.

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